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We’re a software and web development company committed to helping you find the right solutions for your unique needs.

Whatever problem you’re trying to solve, we’re up for the task to create a solution that helps you work more efficiently.
Looking to bring your innovative ideas to life? TemaBit can help!

What TemaBit Means to You

TemaBit is Your Innovative Partner


End-to-End Solutions

We develop end-to-end solutions that solve your complex business challenges and provide the best user experience.

Collaboration & Transparency

We focus on getting to know you and your business needs; all while providing full transparency when communicating and meeting your objectives.

High Quality Code You Own

We build a working product and you own the code. All our codes are clean, clear and easy to maintain over long term.

Long-term Solutions

We’re focused on providing you a long-term solution that will scale, so we spend considerable time during the planning phase and performing a feasibility study to ensure we deliver you a stable product that grows with you.

Agile Movement

We evaluate the needs of each project and suggest the most suitable methodology: scrum, kanban, waterfall or combination.

Best Practices

We follow industry best practice to make sure your solution is done right the first time.

How we works

We always put our customers first. Our goal is to bring your innovative ideas to life. We work to:

04 Steps

Understand your current business challenges.
Audit your existing technology.
Listen to your ideas .
Design, engineer and develop a custom solution.

Сustome software development

TemaBit: Entrust the Software Development to Reliable Company

TemaBit is a well-known software developing company that specializes in creating web solutions to kickstart your business. The company sets specific strategic goals to design your future software product and promote it to considerable profit. When cooperating with our company, you can benefit from:

  • wide variety of profitable services;
  • implementation of latest technologies;
  • affordable prices;
  • ability to reach the global market and join the top in Europe and the USA;
  • local business specifics orientation;
  • development of a unique design;
  • strict adherence to the approved budget;
  • adaptation to customers’ needs;
  • excellent solution for small business development.

TemaBit is a brilliant choice for the business to succeed in software development. When you come across TemaBit company, there is no need to involve outsourcing because they hire real professionals you can trust in. Moreover, we keep pace with time and know the high-tech trends on the board. So, we understand how to use them and design the new ones, e.i. we embody the most extraordinary ideas into reality and delve into the thorough product creation process. Thus, the TemaBit team of experts offers various services that are useful for all kinds of industries.

Besides, our software product development company is also engaged in web products for startup creation. We are willing to demonstrate to our clients a new solution and fully disclose its potential.

What Solutions does the Company Focus on?

Web Development
Our team of in-house/outsource specialists conducts appropriate research and analysis before starting the website development. This stage is crucial in order to find out the main functional features to define the further process of designing and testing. Thus, our professionals are looking for the most optimized programming method, data storage model, as well as choosing a proven hosting. Also, the customer has an opportunity to be current with the entire web development process.

Mobile Development
If you are craving innovative software development, our agency has a profitable commercial proposal for you. Mobile application development is a powerful tool for business automation and accessibility. The app is originally designed to work on a smartphone in such a way that it does not overload the device system and loads quickly. Such a tool makes a company flexible. It becomes easy to add new functions and special offers for customers to the smartphone program. When the users install the application on a smartphone, you can send them push messages or notifications within the program. The well-thought-out software development will make it easier to tell about promotions, discounts, and special offers. As a result, the derived product works excellent on globally widespread platforms such as iOS and Android.

BPM Solutions
The specified software is extremely useful in risk management, identifying new business processes, advancing efficiency, boosting profit, etc. It enables you to monitor the performance metrics, improve the controlling processes, and make effective changes. Our company offers such BPM systems as K2 Balckpearl, Nintex, K2 Five. Accordingly, the integrated tools help calculate the revenue and eliminate repetitive tasks (due to the automation system). Such advantage of BPM systems usage leads to increasing business agility and its ability to correspond to volatile market conditions.

Whole Variety of Services

The customer software development process also includes:

  • DevOps services — special strategies and tools for improved collaboration, planning, and performances.
  • Cooperation with big professionals (over 6000 specialists) — they always study, find out something new and introduce their work with innovative strategies.
  • Data analyzing. — a method to improve efficiency and hold the right direction through information mining.
  • UI/UX Design — based on user experience and behavior research. UX design is responsible for the function, the adaptability of the product, and the emotions it evokes in the users. The clearer the interface, the easier it is to get the result and take the targeted action.
  • The practice of enabling change in the context of an enterprise by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders; it is using a specific set of tools and techniques to uncover and analyse the needs or potential opportunities in order to drive business value delivery and success.

You should notice that all processes at each stage of development are carried out by using innovative technologies and solutions. So, it is obvious to state that a quality product can’t be cheap and delivered in a few weeks.

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