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Silpo Loyalty App

Leading Retail Chain Silpo Used the Loyalty App to Build Customer Loyalty and Increase Revenue. Retailers today understand the importance of building customer loyalty which leads to higher sales and positive customer experiences.

About Silpo

Silpo is one of Ukraine’s leading retail chains. Its stores have been named among Europe’s Finest Stores by European Supermarket Magazine. Silpo understood that customer loyalty increases the lifetime value of customers, profits and spreads positive brand awareness.

Customer loyalty apps that are easy-to-use, engaging, and personalized shopping experiences are a great way to reward a retail customer base, predict inventory based on previous sales, and gather customer information that helps retail chains make informed decisions. 

As such, Silpo engaged TemaBit to create a customized customer loyalty app for the retail chain, available on both iOS and Android.


Silpo wanted an app that would allow them to:

Be a direct chain of communication between stores and customers.
Enable customers to manage their personal promotional offers.
Provide customers with a bonus account.
Allow customers to make an in-app, digital shopping list for their next trip to Silpo.
Allow customers to pay by QR code.
Provide scan-and-go functionality for easy checkout.


Working one-on-one with Silpo, TemaBit created the retail chain’s desired custom app and released it both in the Google Play Store and the App Store. It was a game-changer for Silpo. To date, the customer loyalty app has more than 6.1M members, with 175,000 new members having signed up halfway through 2020.

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