Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal
by TemaBit

Facilitate Effective Collaboration Between Retailers and Vendors Through A Common Platform.

Supplier Portal – A Communication Management Tool by TemaBit

Connect Vendors with Your Retail Store Team through the Supplier Portal by TemaBit. Powered by K2 Technology, Supplier Portal Helps You Communicate and Build Relationships Effectively.

Streamline Communications Between Vendors and Your Retail Team

Our Supplier Portal, which is built on the K2 platform, is used by more than 3,000 retail users. The intuitive, easy-to-navigate platform makes it easy for your retail chain to:

Product management
View active contracts
Perform contract management tasks
Manage specifications
Manage your supply schedule
Forecast sales
Track your scorecard

Together, these features help you collaborate with suppliers, master data management, increase speed of processes, manage key performance indicators (KPIs), and improve security.

Supplier Portal can increase collaboration and streamline communication between your retail chain and your vendors

Case study

Our Supplier Portal in Action

Our Supplier Portal has been used for years by The Fozzy Group, a leading retail chain in Europe. The Fozzy Group has:

780 stores in 60 cities
A total sales area of more than 500,000 m2
About 50,000 items in its product range
48,000 employees
750 worldwide suppliers
3 national and 3 regional distribution centers, with a total of 171,000 m2 and pallet storage of 96,650 product lines
A fleet of 547 trucks and vans that travel a combined total of 131,000 km a day

The Supplier Portal helps Fozzy Group communicate with its suppliers and contractors. For example:

Suppliers can use the Supplier Portal to recommend products to supply, including detailed information like production images.
The Fozzy Group can manage all their supplier agreements through the Supplier Portal.
The retail chain can confirm the quantity of an order and make return requests to suppliers.
Suppliers can use the Supplier Portal to communicate product promotions to The Fozzy Group.
Suppliers can use the solution to forecast their sales.

Learn more about how The Fozzy Group uses the Supplier Portal

Improve Responsiveness and Agility with Real Time Vendor Collaboration Platform – Supply Portal

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