Making Life Easier
Integrated with built-in weighing scales, BitPOS is the perfect solution for customers who are on the go.

Bit POS for Retail Store

BitPOS combines scales and point of sale services into one device for easy checkout at your retail locations. Help your customers get through checkout queues in record time.

BitPOS – Scale Integrated POS System


We’ve been creating innovative solutions for retail businesses for over a decade.

Get through checkout queues in record time with BitPOS

Whether your customers are in the queue for a cashier or using your self-checkout stations, BitPOS is the perfect solution for customers who pick up items sold by the pound and weigh them at the checkout as they pay.

Whether you are a grocery outlet, frozen yogurt store, bakery, or salad bar, BitPOS combines the scale and point of sale into one device for easy and fast checkout. Your customer at the self-checkout or your cashier simply has to place the item on the scale’s pan and select the SKU on the POS (or scan a barcode if available). BitPOS will weigh the item and calculate the price based on weight.

Find out how businesses like yours use BitPOS to save time, money, and counter space.

How It Works

We combine our technologies to provide your customers with a self-serve, point of sale system that ensures speedy checkout


Combined Technologies

Created utilizing Node.js, Bizerba Retail Integrator’s Kit, Postgre SQL, React, and C/C++ to deliver simultaneous and separate operating modes.

Quick and Easy Service

With an easy search, store quests can quickly add goods by PLU or barcode, search by product name, and occasionally weigh it — ultimately saving the guest time and shorten queues in the store.

Efficient Communication

With a centralized POS system, you can help encourage communication between cashier and store guest through exchanging promotion information and listing promos to translate to a guest screen.

Why BitPOS

BitPOS saves time and provides a convenient way for selling products by the pound.


Quick & Easy

Expedite the sales process with the integrated weight scale function in BitPOS. It automatically calculates the price for the weighted items.

Reduce Human-Errors

By automating the weighing process with the built in scale, you eliminate any human errors or shrinkage.

Better Experience

Improve shoppers’ experiences by speeding up the checkout process with the combined scale and POS system, BitPOS.
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