Silpo Custom Web Development by TemaBit

Leading retail chain Silpo uses TemaBit as their technology partner in custom web development. As a result, Silpo was able to easily engage with customers, boost online presence and credibility and improve sales.

About Silpo

Silpo is one of Ukraine’s leading retail chains. The chain is so well-respected, it was named one of the top 30 in Europe’s Finest Stores, a ranking created by European Supermarket Magazine.

Silpo saw it’s corporate website as not only a place to share product information but as a means for having conversations with its customers. The company sought out the help of TemaBit to create its perfect web presence.


Silpo wanted to ensure that its website would:

Serve as a communication tool for talking to customers.
Allow members of Silpo’s customer loyalty app program to manage their accounts online.
Provide for an e-store online shopping experience, which proved to be very helpful during COVID-19 quarantines.


TemaBit leveraged the power of PHP7.2, Symfony, React, Redux, and typeScript to build the website, and .NetCore, WebAPI, xUnit, MSSQL to build the e-store.

The finished product is a great communication tool for customers and lists promos, sales, and special events. It enables customer loyalty app users to manage their accounts, including their custom promotion. Finally, the e-store has proven very useful with fewer people going out to stores given the Coronavirus pandemic.


So far in 2020, the website has had 2.9M visits, 10.2 page visits, and 550,000 unique visitors.

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