Bit Scales

Bit Scales

Save time & money at your retail store with Bit Scales. Bit Scales is a label printing scale that weighs the item and prints the label for easy scanning at checkout. This scale is a great addition to retail stores selling weighted items.

Bit Scales – One Step Ahead with Label Printing Scales

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Weigh, Print, & Go with Bit Scales

Nothing slows down the checkout process like needing to look up and weigh items sold by the pound at checkout. Whether your customers are in the queue for a cashier or using your self-checkout stations, with printing scale system Bit Scales, this time-consuming process is a thing of the past.

Bit Scales is a smart software solution designed for retail stores like yours. As your customers select their desired items that are sold by the pound, they weigh them to get their ideal amount and print a payment label with a barcode for easy scanning – is automatically printed for them. This means that customers don’t need to weigh items in self-checkout lanes, and cashiers no longer need to remember product codes and weigh products upon checkout.

Why Bit Scales

With Bit Scales, you can improve the shopper’s experience, save money and time


Quick & Easy

Allow your cashiers to process transactions faster by no longer requiring them to memorize or having to look through a long list of product codes.

Better Experience

Improve shoppers’ experiences by letting them print out a label as they weigh their desired product, so they spend less time in checkout queues.


BitScales’ self-checkout option is compatible with API Google Speech Recognition and SMTP for an even simpler customer experience.

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