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FZMobile Retail Automation

Automate your retail store’s processes with a single, robust solution built for retailers like you

FZMobile Retail Automation – An End-to-End Retail Automation Solution for Automating Retail Store Processes.

Use FZMobile, an End-to-End Retail Automation software, to save you labor cost, time and become more efficient. Stop piecemealing retail solutions. Get FZMobile today!

90% of Business Process

FZMobile can automate 90% of your business processes to save you time, money and become more efficient.

Stop Piecemealing Retail Solutions – FZMobile is All You Need

As your brand entered different growth phases, you’ve likely added different software solutions - perhaps even from different vendors - to automate store processes. FZMobile puts an end to piecemealing for good.
With store management software FZMobile, we offer an all-in-one solution for automating over 90% of your business process, including price checking, scanning inventory management, replenishment, shelf-life control, label printing services, goods acceptance, internal movements, product remains correction, and checkout capability
Reduce labor costs and human error by using our all-in-one solution to automate important retail store operation processes.
How we works

How FZ Mobile assist your business

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Benefits of FZMobile
All your automated business processes are now available in a single, all-in-one retail software solution. Focus on new growth opportunities while FZMobile runs your business smoothly.
Reduce Labor Costs
Eliminate tedious and repetitive tasks and refocus man-hours on tasks that add to the bottom line.
Reduce Human Error
Improve your data quality and mitigate human errors by leveraging our automated software solution.
Become More Efficient
Gain valuable insights into your retail chain’s operations to make more informed business decisions.

Our passion to help businesses like yours lead and succeed.

Retail automation offers many benefits, especially if you are in the high-growth phase. Find out how FZMobile can help you reduce labor costs and increase profitability.

How It Works

Grow and scale your business with an all-in-one solution that automates over 90% of your business processes


Supportive Technology

FZMobile supports you and your business on many devices: Motorola, iPad, Windows CE, iOS, and Android.

Centralized Solution

Automate main processes in one centralized system, including price checking, inventory management, replenishment, shelf-life control, and more.

Data Insights

Make more informed business decisions with informative and valuable insights that will help grow your retail chain operations.
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