Maximize Your Return
Enhance the retail shopping experience using localized data-driven assortment planning and product layouts
Plan Better, Sell More
Impressive Results
With Palette, Improve the Quality of Your Assortment Decision.
Increase Sales, Profits, and Customer Satisfaction
Combine TemaBIT’s assortment management solution - Palette, talent, and process to maximize your returns.

Palette – Optimize Your Assortment Planning in Retail

Palette analyzes your retail store data to make it easier for you to predict the customer behavior and effectively plan product assortment.
We’ve been developing custom solutions for retail companies for more than a decade
Enhance your customer’s shopping experience and maximize the selling potential

At TemaBIT, we leveraged our deep knowledge of retail operations, technical skills and industry expertise to build Palette – an assortment and inventory planning web application. With Palette you can easily make data-driven decisions on consumer behavior for your product assortment today, tomorrow, and forever after. 

Find out how Palette helps you make smart business decisions that increase profitability.

Find out how Palette helps you make smart business decisions that increase profitability. Request Evaluation Ready to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Revenue? Request Evaluation
How We Work

We capture all the data you need to make informed business decision


Agile Technology

Palette leverages the power of JavaScript, Angular.js, Kendo.js, D3.js, MS SQL Server Enterprise K2 as BPMS to provide you with a robust solution for planning and analyzing your retail store portfolio.

Leverage Data

Understand the customer decision tree (CTD) and analyze growth trends looking at past retail analytics. Implement an assortment planning strategy to increase your bottom line by constantly learning which products your customers want and their seasonality preferences.

Balance It

Palette understands that assortment planning is all about driving the most sales with the right balance of product offerings across many different categories, types, colors, price points and more.

Why Palette?

Delight your customer by responding to customer demand changes faster and better with Palette
Palette increases the average order value with personalization, product discovery and impulse purchases.
Improve efficiency and quality of your assortment decision with Palette an end-to-end solution (or one-stop solution)
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